What do we offer our clients?

• Pine-nut extraction is done naturally, using heat from the sun. This helps the pine-nuts maintain all their characteristics. They don’t get burned during baking or roasting and keep a golden and exquisite colour.
• Our packaging and sterilizing process allows excellent conservation for as long as necessary.
• The great care taken during the whole process makes the finished product arrive to you in excellent conditions of quality, flavour and freshness.

Classification of pine-nuts according to their purpose:

• Small pine-nut: Used for baking and Christmas products. Though smaller, these pine-nuts have all the flavour and allow a larger number of nuts to be used, making their use more cost-effective.
• Medium pine-nut: Ideal for all kind of stews, appetizers and other diverse uses where flavour is key. They are the most widely-used.
• Extra pine-nut: Used for household consumption, due to their excellent visual presence.